R Racing RS5 Steering Wheel

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Assembled in the USA


  • 305mm Diameter
  • 70mm Bolt Pattern
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Front Plate


  • (2021 Update) R Racing MKII Anodized Aluminum Shifters
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Paddles


  • 70A Shore Polyurethane Rubber Grips
  • Wrapped with synthetic suede, similar to Alcantara


  • Leo Bodnar Controller Board
  • Genuine Apem Push Buttons
  • Genuine CTS Rotary Encoders
  • Detachable 2m(6.5ft) Coiled USB Cable(4 Pin DIN Connector) with ferrite bead 
  • Weight: 825g
  • Includes 3 M5 bolts and lock nuts
  • Stickers can be customized
  • For use on PC only, not compatible with consoles or use in track/street cars

If you would like a custom made steering wheel(ex: Different colored buttons/suede etc), please contact us prior to placing an order.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
An amazing wheel

This wheel is absolutely amazing. It's very sturdy with no flex as far as I can tell.
It works with all my racing games with problems.
The grips are very important to get right and boy it's a perfect feeling in my hands. I love it
It works perfect with my DD1 with the podium hub of course. Its a great racing experience with the RS5 wheel . I will recommend this wheel to my friends in the sim racing community.
Thanks a million for your help and your expertise at the R Racing support team.

Not worth the money.

I ordered the wheel a few months ago and wasn't pleased with the quality right from the beginning.
The wheel stinks really badly when you unpack it. The shifters squeak like hell and they have SO MUCH play in it - the shifter quality is worse than the logitech or thrustmaster ones. Many screws weren't fixed properly.
The wrapping of the handlegrips is just poor as well - just ugly craftsmanship.
The wheel flexes a tiny bit under heavy loads (around 9-10 nm) and cracks from time to time, when going over high curbs i.e.
The quality of the stickers is bad aswell - i got mine all red, but they got white surroundings everywhere.
I had to pay around 660€ (after customs - which are my own problem) - but the wheel is nowhere near worth of 660€.
I hold my review back (i dont know why) but as I received the newsletter with the announcment of new shifters I got crazy.
It is just rubbish to advertise new shifters for 130$ and not offer a special discount for customers who already bought the shitty ones.
To this point I am really disappointed by R Racing and can not recommend buying this wheel.

Amazing wheel!

Can't say enough about the wheel and build quality! Awesome stands up to DD zero flex a blast to race with!

Nice and goodlooking wheel!

We received this wheel for review on www.simraceblog.nl (soon available in English). First impressions are very good!

Good quality wheel with many customization options

High quality wheel, I simply put what I wanted the stickers to say in the notes box before placing the order, and the wheel arrived just how I wanted it.
It's got very nice, thick grips that properly fill the palms of my hands while driving.
Nice feeling buttons and encoders, everything worked right out of the box.
The USB connection on the wheel feels really solid as it comes with a threaded plug that won't get loose while driving.
Shiters work great, no complaints there either.
Was really easy mounting it to my Fanatec podium hub and has worked great for the weeks I've owned it.
I highly recommend it.